The daughter of Totmjanina and Yagudin were saved by the doctors

Дочь Тотьмяниной и Ягудина спасли врачи The figure skater told about the first days after the birth of girls. Daughter Tatiana Totmyanina and Alexei Yagudin was connected to a respirator.

      Дочь Тотьмяниной и Ягудина спасли врачи

      In early October of last year, Tatiana Totmianina and Alexei Yagudin for the second time became the parents. Was born the daughter of a pair, which he called poetic name Michelle. However, the happy event was marred by the fact that the baby was born prematurely. The doctors immediately put her in a special box and hooked to a respirator. Tatiana is only now, four months later, has decided to tell the first difficult days after birth.

      “Alex came running in after Michelle was born and she was placed in intensive care, as it should be premature baby. I myself was in the intensive care unit, to get up I wasn’t allowed, and I asked Alex to go and take a picture of our girl. Five minutes later he returned, saying, bad, baby, from head to toe wrapped wires in all ducts… Michelle was connected to a respirator, and there Alesha felt sick,” recalls Totmianina.

      I must say that Alexey at the moment showed the iron shutter. He believed that all will be well, and shared the news about the birth of the baby with all your friends and loved ones. Tatiana, on the other hand, closed in itself and no one wanted to discuss the child’s health. The doctors did not hide the condition Michelle was very heavy. During the first six days of the newborn was not breathing by herself.

      “Doctors are people superstitious: even after seeing improvement, don’t say it, not encouraging. When Michelle has removed at least one tube, I noticed it and rejoiced, believing in victory. And then, finally, come to her, and a young nurse from the doorway says: “Yours is breathing!” I burst into tears… Alex about all of this didn’t know. I sent him photos of Michelle with the additions that all is well. Well, what could he help?” – Totmianina says in an interview with “Telenedelya”.

      Fortunately, all difficulties behind and remained in the memory of happy parents, like a bad dream. Michelle grows cheerful and curious child. She runs to her older sister Lisa, who, by the way, while a little jealous of the baby with mom and dad. And Olympic champion Tatiana Totmianina, looking at his family and believes that her most important victory in life.

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