Отец «пьяного» мальчика готов к эксгумации его тела The earlier novel was denied the opportunity to disturb the grave of a baby. Now the man is preparing for the trial, which will take place on the fourth of September. He did not agree with some of the conclusions of the experts, and therefore ready to take a desperate step to restore justice.
Отец «пьяного» мальчика готов к эксгумации его тела

Several months of tense discussion, the resonant accident in Balashikha, which under the wheels of a car killed a child of six. Alesha Shimko walked in the yard. Olga alisova was driving the car and did not notice the boy. After conducted examination discovered a serious proportion of alcohol in the blood of the kid – 2.7 ppm. This fact has angered parents – it turns out that six-year-old boy had to drink at least a bottle of vodka. Roman Shimko trying to get justice and to invoke the responsibility of both driver and experts who are not confused by the results of the examination.

For a long time the father of the dead boy refused to conduct the exhumation. The fourth of September there will be a hearing in court. The novel casts doubt on certain conclusions of the experts, and therefore more inclined to disturb the grave of a dead son.

“To do an exhumation to answer the question whether there was any alcohol, I do not see sense – all know that. And to do an exhumation to prove that the examination does not describe all damage that child got in an accident, perhaps. The expert writes about ruptured spleen, but does not mention the broken ribs, because of which the spleen and suffered. So, if there is not enough evidence against these experts, I do not exclude that will be exhumed,” said the man.
Отец «пьяного» мальчика готов к эксгумации его тела

Shimko tries to do everything to restore justice. He admitted that he would be ashamed to look into the eyes of the second child who will ask about why the people who killed his brother, not punished. Recently parents received the conclusion of the examination, which was conducted in Germany. The father of the deceased Alyosha Shimko announced the results of a new assessment

Alesha’s family filed a lawsuit against Olga Alisovoy in the amount of 10 million rubles. They want to send the money for treatment of children with cancer. Roman realizes that he might have to spend a lot of time at the hearing. He admitted conversation with the correspondent of the newspaper “the Interlocutor” that is ready to take this step for the sake of the child.

“It is clear that the court will last. Will call witnesses this week – my father, who was with Alyosha in one day,” said the man.