Известный режиссер оправдался за роль для Дианы Шурыгиной Yuri Spiridonov explained why he called the girl on shooting an extended version of the crime drama “Egor Shilov” with the participation of the Guf and Roma Gigue. The man denies that he decided to use the name Diana Shurygina to attract attention to the picture.

      Известный режиссер оправдался за роль для Дианы Шурыгиной

      Story 17-the summer inhabitant of Ulyanovsk Diana Shurygina, which became the main character of several editions of the TV show “Let them talk”, continues to excite the public. Not so long ago in the Network appeared the news that the rape victim offered to act in films. About this Diana said on his page in one of social networks. The girl has not yet said whether it accepted the proposal of the Director Yury Spiridonov, but the information about the early acting career, Shurygina caused a huge resonance. Many began to blame the creators of the film “Egor Shilov” in a bid to attract additional attention to it.

      Diana Shurygina said the detractors live

      Recently Spiridonov commented on the situation to journalists. The Director denies that invited her to the movies because of its popularity. According to the man, the inhabitant of Ulyanovsk is an ideal candidate for the role she was offered. Yuri believes that the girl has the look.

      “I can’t bear to look at the discussion Diana Shurygina. And it’s not about good or bad, she is only 17 years old, she is still a child. Everything that happens in the Network, reminiscent of the saying: “Who fell, and trampled, until you get bored”. Our company invited her to audition for a role in our picture, not because we need advertising (we are not distributors)… Diana was offered the role only because her appearance is very similar to the way we conceived of the character. It seemed to us that she will be able to “revive” on the screen of this character,” explained the Director.
      Известный режиссер оправдался за роль для Дианы Шурыгиной

      Spiridonov also said that filming has already participated in media characters, so the pattern does not need additional advertising. Note that we are talking about the extended version of the movie “Yegor Shilov of” for which to reshoot the ending of the original tape. Its premiere took place in June 2015 at the festival “Aces”. In working on a crime drama participated Alexey Dolmatov, known as the Guf, Valery Tarasov, Sergey Sandler, Egor Beroev, Roma Zhigan and Katya Sambuca.

      At the end of his speech, the Director noted that will try to help Diana Shurygina. “I think that movie is the kind of job that can change man’s inner world, to heal any emotional traumas”, – quotes the portal Woman.ru.

      Recall also that next week the whole country will see two new release “Let them talk”, dedicated to the girl. This time Diana discuss the topic with bloggers who are devoted to her videos gathered millions of views on YouTube. On the set of the TV show was seen by such stars of the Internet, as Nikolai Sobolev and Pleasant Ildar. In addition, the experts include Otar Kushanashvili, Maria Pogrebnyak, Rustam Solntsev, Pavel Pyatnitsky and a number of other famous people. #agonist: Diana Shurygina will meet with the bloggers in “Let them talk”