Anastasia Volochkova was convicted appetizing forms

Анастасию Волочкову осудили за аппетитные формы New photographs, made in Thailand, ballerina posing in a bikini. Some subscribers Anastasia Volochkova has considered them the rounded shape of a woman. In the pictures the actress looks very relaxed and fresh.

      Recently, well-known blonde flew to rest in Thailand. Great weather and the nearby sea allow Anastasia enjoy sunbathing and water treatments. Do not hide the gorgeous figure beauty and then photographed in a bikini.

      “Tai. Participate in the show my girlfriend of Dexter. She created for me, that’s a swimsuit. My favorite color is”, – said Volochkova followers.

      However, some subscribers thought favorite ballerina bought on vacation more palatable form than usual. “A belly as round. Phuket always well fed!”, “Nastya, do not worry – after the holidays, on tour all the excess quickly leave. With your burden and hard work”, “it seems to me that a woman only decorate a round shape. Used to them and sought… Nastya, but you are so well appointed”.

      But the second half of fans of the changes were not noticed and were quick to point out the advantages Volochkova. “Slender, beautiful legs! Respect when a woman pulled up, watching him, looks adorable!”, “In my opinion, very good. Compared to the bikini-mini exactly well. Breast collected, intimate place is closed, the color of her”, “I Can throw, but I like it. And a decent swimsuit, and hips, and shoulders through the cloak in normal proportions”.

      Discuss the popular figure of the ballerina have been underway for many years. Anastasia long been accustomed not pay attention to them. But sometimes still polite and reserved responsible detractors.

      “I understand that many do not give rest to my person, my form, my appearance, and more. Well, unsubscribe from my page, for a time at least. So don’t be nervous,” wrote the woman.

      I wonder what the blonde quite often shares candid shots, despite this kind of talk. So, during a recent holiday in the Maldives Volochkova exposed shots in very risque poses, as well as the Topless, where the chest covering with his hands. These posts have caused a storm as admiring reviews, and judgmental. But, tired from all the negativity, the beauty even had to disable comments on Instagram, in order to terminate the unpleasant discussion of their forms. Anastasia Volochkova naked in response to criticism