Экс-жена олигарха Саркисова напугана общением дочери в «группах смерти» The heiress is in online communities where Teens are talking about suicide. The girl’s mother Julia Lubianskaya concerned about this child’s behavior. Sonia repost on your page, depressing pictures and reading the updates of these pages.

      Экс-жена олигарха Саркисова напугана общением дочери в «группах смерти»

      Like many teenagers, 14-year-old Sonia, daughter of Nicholas and Julia Sarkisova Lyubechanskii, spends most of his free time on the Internet. Girl communicate on social networks with their peers, and also consists of communities, dedicated to music and others of concern to children at this age subjects. But Sonia’s mom not a little excited. Among the public, which signed the heiress, proved the so-called “group of death”. In such communities, the Teens discuss suicide methods, and post depressing pictures and music.

      “I don’t know what to do. Unfortunately, it is the very community,” admitted Julia.

      For several months adult Internet users are thrilled that more and more communities that inspire children to suicidal thoughts. They Teens post pictures with the words: “At any time you can get out of my life!”, “The little Prince: “one sees clearly only with the heart… And you know what to do!”. Sonia is in the group “I don’t want to live anymore”, where users complain of their condition and seek support.

      According to some specialists, this “group of death” advocating violence and are destructive to the psyche of teenagers. The police conducted one investigation, which found that in social networks there is a whole group of people “brainwashed” teenagers. Some children aged 11 to 18 years has committed suicide after such mailing. As reported life.ru in fact some cases have been prosecuted under article 110 of the criminal code “Incitement to suicide”.

      We will remind that Yulia Lyubechanskii older four children. In the summer of 2015 the woman suffered a painful divorce from oligarch Nikolai Sarkisov. Two sons and a daughter born in wedlock with a businessman, was left to live with mom. Last year Lubchansky found a new love in the person of Lithuanian actor James Tratas. A few months ago they had a daughter Lukerya.

      In turn, he also started a new family. The oligarch happy with Ilona of Catalog, and they recently became parents of a son.