«Холостяк» Илья Глинников заговорил о тайной любви Member of the new season of the project has reacted ambiguously to the Valentine’s Day. According to the young man to show his feelings every day, not once a year. Fans supported the position of Elijah Glinnikov.

      Member of the new season of “the Bachelor” Ilya Glinnikov interested social network users your thoughts about love. Since the show is already filmed and will be broadcast in March of this year, many fans are wondering if he met the actor, remembered by the audience for the TV series “Interns”, with your love.

      In a post that Ilya has posted in Valentine’s Day page in the social network, he made it clear that strong feelings for other people need to show more than once a year, but every day. Besides, according to young men, alien to him foreign holidays.

      “Miracles happen to those who believe in them. But faith without works is dead. I don’t acknowledge American culture, so is the Valentine’s Day holiday, which originated from Lupercalia Ancient Rome, if you look at historical facts, it was more like an Orgy where the men drove women leather whips from the hides of animals, and in the final by the so-called pagan rite. For love don’t need holidays, you can just love someone or something every day,” said Glinnikov.

      Fans supported the point of view of Elijah, remembering that Russia has its own holiday – national family day, which is celebrated on 8 July. Followers left supportive words on the page of the actor. “It’s so nice that there are still sane people,” “All right!”, “Strong!”, “I don’t understand why some of love there is only one day a year when it is all around us,” wrote the fans of the actor.

      Meanwhile, the Network began to appear the first stories of new participants show “the Bachelor”, one of which must have fascinated the man. Contestant from Moscow, mother of many children of Nadezhda Lysenko was familiar with Ilya, years ago. “They studied at GITIS in the first year. Elijah is like her brother knows about the complicated relationship with her ex-husband, helped during the pregnancies,” recalled the girl’s girlfriend Julia. Mother of many children, model and blogger: who will compete for the heart of “the Bachelor” Ilya Glinnikov