The ex-wife of oligarch Sarkisova complained about the lack of money

Экс-супруга олигарха Саркисова пожаловалась на безденежье Julia Lubianskaya told where I spent last resort. After the alleged separation from elect James Tratas the woman was left alone with several children. However, she does not give up and tries not to indulge in desired procedures.

      About a week ago, the Network began to discuss the break Yulia Lyubechanskii father and his little daughter James Tratas. Internet users thought that the couple are no longer together, when the woman stopped to put pictures with the chosen one. In addition, the number of subscribers Yulia has no name of her beloved.

      The ex-wife Sarkisov went with a young foreigner

      Apparently, now Lyubechanskii has come not the best times. She’s used to a luxurious life: traveling to expensive resorts, branded outfits and accessories. Now the woman goes to the movies and dinner at home. Despite the unenviable financial situation, Julia could not deny myself a trip to a luxury clinic in Merano.

      “There are only professionals whom you can safely entrust the care of their health. By the way, what do celebrities. I feel there like at home, all know, all like family, all the procedures are held, and meet me there, accordingly, as at home. After a two year hiatus I am again going there now. So I want to share with you their knowledge. Email me your questions that you are interested in what is worth doing and what isn’t, what experts to get sure, and who to miss, and so on. Believe me, my experience will help you in the trip here to save a lot of money. Now it is very important, given that now all of these costs have to carry me. So learn from my mistake, they already paid for,” admitted Lyubechansky.

      Subscribers will were interested in the recommendations of the mothers of large families. Many are jealous of Julia, as she managed to stay slim after giving birth to four children. And after the birth of the youngest of Luceri it in record time, dropped the weight and could boast of a press fit.

      Recently our baby turned nine months. Lubianskaya’t told the subscribers that are waiting for the girl, because he didn’t want attention of the public to his family. “Just happiness love peace and we, unlike many, is not engaged in moral exhibitionism,” explained socialite all curious followers.