The ex-soloist SEREBRO had an affair with a contestant of “the Voice”

Экс-солистка SEREBRO закрутила роман с участником «Голоса» On the birthday of Maxim Fadeeva Daria Shashina noticed with the new satellite. Many wondered who this handsome young man. “StarHit” managed to find out that the chosen girl is a member of the third season of the show “the Voice” Ivan Chebanov.

      Экс-солистка SEREBRO закрутила роман с участником «Голоса»
      Экс-солистка SEREBRO закрутила роман с участником «Голоса»

      To expose his personal life a member of the group SEREBRO was not used. However, recently the ex-soloist Daria Shashina, who left the team because of problems with his leg, finally unveiled the secular society of her lover. On the celebration of the birth of Maxim Fadeev, a gathering of family and closest friends 48-year-old producer, singer appeared accompanied by a young man, who was a member of the third season of the show “the Voice” and host events Ivan Chebanov. Later, the celebrant issued a joint photo, presenting the mysterious stranger, as the girl companion.

      Left SEREBRO soloist declassified beloved

      As we found out the “StarHit”, at the production centre Roman 25-year-old ward and a 28-year-old musician is not a mystery. Daria and Ivan really are, but to advertise their relationship do not seek, therefore, on their pages in social networks there is no joint photos.

      We will remind, at the end of April took place the last concert of Casinoi in the group SEREBRO. In the microblog the girl explained that he was leaving the team after may 1. Earlier it became known that Daria has found “congenital dysplasia of the knee, pathology and bone formation. Because of the serious problems the soloist could no longer withstand the intense concert schedule. She recently showed a joint photo with a new member of the team Kate Kischuk. Fans pointed out that artist very similar to each other. 22-year-old native of Tula has successfully passed a casting, organized in early April Fadeev production center, and already started rehearsals with the group.

      One of the participants of the popular trio Olga Seryabkina admitted that the new girl soloist all turns out not worse, than at Casinoi. “Kate I am very impressed. I’m sure everything will be fine. She is trying very hard. I like that she has the right attitude to where she came and why she did it. I will be interested to learn it. It starts when you go the first tour, when we will spend more time together. And I can tell you what she bribed me: your love for our music,” said star.

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