Экс-солистка SEREBRO Дарья Шашина рассказала о возвращении в группу The singer admitted that he does not become again a party band. Daria Shashina does not communicate with former colleagues and says that was never close to them. According to the girl, after parting with the team, she felt better.
Экс-солистка SEREBRO Дарья Шашина рассказала о возвращении в группу

Former member of the group SEREBRO Daria Shashina told in a new blog about whether to return to the team. According to singer, the question fans are asking her the most. To permanently close it, the girl said he did not want again to lose their freedom and by age 50, wants to start a family, and not to remain a single career woman.

“To be honest, not holding back. I was again a free man, – confessed Daria. – I can decide what I like to do. What should I wear, what I don’t wear. If I gained that I need to cover, and if I’m thin that I open.

Freedom is one of the best things in life, so I 100 percent happy. Happy I met my man. In my opinion, for girls this is important, and all the careers they ultimately remain with the cats.”

Daria noted that the team or who are not friends. Girls, it was just colleagues. Moreover, now the ex-soloist did not even communicate with the girls and did not see any sense in this.

The singer admitted that with the great pleasure would be engaged in a solo career, but health does not allow to do that. With students Casinoi have hurt knees, and dance on stage, it’s excruciatingly painful. In the morning the girl can’t even get out of bed without assistance.

Lately, Daria focused on blog posts, travel and videography. Hobbies take away almost all free time. In addition, in August Shashina marries her beloved, the participant of show “the Voice”, Ivan Chebanov. Prepare for the celebration takes a lot of energy.

The ex-soloist of the group SEREBRO answering questions from fans, did not hesitate to tell and about problems with the appearance. The girl admitted that, like many, suffer from cellulite. Due to illness she is unable to give the legs need physical activity. Because she can’t cope with the illness.

Recall that the composition of the popular project SEREBRO Maxim Fadeev was replaced at the end of last year. For a long time the only reason for the departure of the soloist Daria Casinoi called health problems. Later on the girl told me that the atmosphere in the team was overwhelming and hard “bullying” did not give her room for creativity. The vocalist was replaced by 22-year-old resident of Tula, Katya Kischuk. The ex-soloist SEREBRO Daria Shashina talked about hazing in the band