Супруга Меньщикова поведала о секретах феноменального похудения после родов Two months after the appearance of the baby wife men’shchikova could come in perfect shape. A young woman revealed details of the diet, and also spoke about how she manages to find time to visit the fitness room.

Stepan Menshikov married to his beloved Eugenia. Recently in the star family happened replenishment: the wife of the showman gave birth to a girl named Barbara. However, the young woman clearly did not intend to linger in the decree. A couple of months she had come in perfect shape and has pleased fans with candid snapshots.

Of course, the phenomenal weight loss Eugene sparked a flood of questions about the secrets of her diet and workouts in the fitness room. In a recent interview with a young woman told about how she was able to return to the antenatal form.

“During the first and second pregnancy I gained the same — about 20 pounds. The first exercise after the birth I did at home. Over time it became to get to the gym, but no more than twice a week. Besides, I try to limit the consumption of junk food. Not eating flour, sweet, almost withdrew from the diet of meat. But love home cooked meals, pancakes, for example,” – said Eugene.

According to the young woman, the secret of weight loss is simple: one should not overeat, exercise and go to massage sessions. Besides, to return to the previous form of Eugenia helped breastfeeding. This procedure was taken from the couple Menshchikova so much energy that the weight of the left itself.

By the way, Stepan trying as much as possible to help the lady to care for children.

“Once a week we try to leave him with the kids, and myself go to the gym. Sometimes send the family on a walk, and then do at home”, says a young woman.

Fans of Eugenia difficult to believe, but the beautiful brunette by nature inclined to corpulence. She admits that as a teenager struggled with weight, dieted, but it did not give any results. Now the options of a young mother almost perfect: with the growth of 163 cm and she weighs 47 to 51 kilograms.

Beloved showman in an interview Wday.ru said that she got lucky with skin that nature is resilient. That is why young woman are not familiar with stretching.

Stepan Menshikov does not get tired to admire the beauty of his wife. In his Instagram often appear in pictures with his wife and children. According to fans, a little Cooking is incredibly similar to the father, but the four-year-old Ivan is more like a mother.