Экс-солист «Премьер-министра» ударился в религию после депрессии Vyacheslav Eskov found his vocation in teaching and Ministry of the Church. After the triumph of the new group have started a creative crisis and depression. He decided to return to his native city, where, according to friends, teaches students vocal and rest in peace.

      Экс-солист «Премьер-министра» ударился в религию после депрессии

      In 2005 the popular group “Prime Minister” came Vyacheslav Eskov. The young native of Kursk immediately took his place in the group. However, despite the fame and popularity, he suddenly decided to leave the band completely disappeared from show business. As the producer of the music group Eugene Friedland, Vyacheslav returned to his native Kursk. According to the man, the singer realized that the stage was not for him. Moreover, the producer talked about some time Eskov was in the hospital for treatment. One of the reasons Eugene was called a mental disorder, which could occur after you hit him the glory. Now the life of 32-year-old Eskova far from the hustle and bustle.

      “This summer I was surprised to see it in the Kursk among the participants of the procession with the miraculous icon of the Znamensky monastery. He was right behind Kursk, Metropolitan Herman, along with local officials, oligarchs and other confidants and sang along with the choir. It seems to be neither the Glory nor his parents had never been particularly religious. But now it is, as they say, in trend,” said a friend of the family of Galina Galkina.

      It was rumored that the desire for religion Vyacheslav appeared after he became depressed because of a creative crisis. He couldn’t write songs, so I decided to return to his hometown to take a break from the old life. Despite the fact that he admitted to colleagues in the group that dreams about the tour, to return to the team he wasn’t going.

      According to Galina Galkina, now Vyacheslav Eskov works at the Kursk musical College of a name of Sviridov, where, after a long break there to have revived the pop Department. The former soloist of group “Prime Minister” got a job as a singing teacher, despite the fact that he had no educational qualifications. Vyacheslav graduated from the Institute of contemporary art at the Department of directing. Friend of the family said in an interview with “Express newspaper” that he had heard that he settled down, started a family and over the last two years they have managed to people, and have two children.