Старший сын Табакова высказался в адрес сестры, пропустившей прощание с отцом In mid-March master of death. The ceremony was attended by Anton Tabakov, who was born in the marriage of Director, Liudmila Krylova. However, most Actresses and her daughter Alexandra among the guests didn’t notice. Their act caused a lot of confusion in the crowd.
Старший сын Табакова высказался в адрес сестры, пропустившей прощание с отцом

In mid-March in Moscow held a farewell to Oleg Tabakov. The actor and Director has died on 83-m to year of life. Conduct of the master in the last path came all the theatrical Moscow, and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Bouquets to the grave of Oleg Pavlovich brought Fedor Bondarchuk, Ivan Urgant, Vladimir Menshov, Vladimir Mashkov, Mikhail Boyarsky, Renata Litvinova, Daria Moroz, Overa Alentova, Konstantin Bogomolov, and many others.

The eldest son of Oleg Tabakov was sitting next to Marina Suginoi and her children Paul and Mary. However, Anton’s mother Liudmila Krylova and sister to Alexander among the relatives of the Director have not noticed. According to rumors, ex-wife of Oleg Pavlovich was not able to forgive him for leaving the family. They say the same thing about Alexander Tabakov. It is known that it is very hard experienced a breakup of their parents. Journalists contacted Anton Tabakov commented act Alexandra.

The first wife of Oleg Tabakov missed the farewell to the master

“Everyone does as it sees fit. In no way defend or condone, but respect her position. Once she did so, she had a reason,” said he.

Reporters asked Anton whether he is going to claim the property of father. He stated that he did not intend to deal with these issues. The eldest son of Oleg Pavlovich – a grown, wealthy man. Once he was a restaurateur, but has decided to sell his business and move with his family to the French capital.

“I’ll wait a while, when I start, in principle, to think, and while I have other concerns. You know, my dad died and I are very sorry. I miss him, not his movable or immovable property or something material…” said the son of Oleg Tabakov.

According to some reports, the Director has left a multi-million dollar inheritance, which includes three apartments in Moscow and the amounts that were stored in the accounts. According to the estimates of journalists monthly income Tabakov was about two million rubles. Wrote that Oleg Pavlovich has decided to transfer everything to his wife Marina Suginoi. About it say the sources close to the famous artist. Anton Tabakov does not exclude that his father did. For correct information about the will of Oleg Pavlovich, he said, it is better to consult Suginoi.

Meanwhile, the widow Tabakov is very hard going through the loss and prefer not to communicate with journalists. The correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” managed to contact the Marina Suginoi, but the actress chose not to go into details. According to the artist, information about the inheritance of her husband, who appeared in the media are untrue.