Старший сын Джоли просит ее опубликовать компрометирующие видео ссор с Питтом

The divorce of her parents – Angelina Jolie and brad pitt – Maddox fell for the hard times. Now the guy is in puberty, and therefore may slightly sharp and not quite to respond adequately to what is happening in his life, in the lives of his family.

For example, when Brangelina told the media about his separation, informants said that 15-year-old Maddox negatively disposed towards the father.

Like, the guy can’t forgive brad was the case in the plane when the actor was drunk, and allowed himself flagrantly pushing, name-calling and ridicule: “Maddox terribly offended by the father and sided with his mother in the judicial process.”

According to approximate to this family informants, Maddox persuades his mother to act more severely against pitt. The guy insists on publishing a video in which his adoptive father appears to be a tyrant: “He has been proposing to her to show captured video as evidence of his innocence, and she is ready to go on this extreme measure, if brad will not back down from fights, as they say, is good”.

I wonder, will Jolie on about the son and how in fact it came from such hostility between brad and Maddox?