Старшая дочь Обамы надела платье за 3000 рублей

The eldest daughter of the US President, Malia Obama, was spotted during a vacation in Cuba in an outfit from the collection affordable brand.

Not all celebrities prefer to wear outfits for fabulous sums. Star of Chanel and Dior fans should learn from 17-year-old daughter of Barack Obama, Malia. Despite the status, she does not disdain to appear in inexpensive and modest clothing.

In March 2016, the Obama family visited Cuba, deciding to spend the holidays. During one of the official meetings, Malia was spotted in an elegant feminine mini dress, decorated with delicate floral pattern. Malia Obama added the white Adidas Stan Smith sneakers.

As it turned out, she found her outfit in the spring / summer collection affordable British brand Asos. The price of the dress in the Russian online store is hardly more than 3000 roubles. Who would have thought that the daughter of the political leader of the United States is so short of clothes!

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