Сказка стала былью: принц на белом коне существует

A man dreams he lives in Moscow, he is very friendly, sociable and generous with compliments beautiful girls.

In Moscow on the main streets there was an unexpected character – a Prince on a white horse. A special thrill of citizens has prompted the availability of car license plates on the horse “Prince 77”. “He exists!” – enthusiastically sighed townswoman, meeting a handsome man with a dazzling smile on the white horse. “He respects the traffic rules!” – drew the attention of the inspectors. The young man was very friendly and sociable, generous with compliments beautiful girls.

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Social network of Muscovites are full of photographs with the Prince, strolling down the Central streets and parks of Moscow. To the questions “Where is he? For what? And for how long?” he immodestly calls himself a Prince, he answers unequivocally: that acts solely on his heart, looking for my only Princess and is ready to go round the whole of Russia, if Moscow and St. Petersburg will not find it.

Girls enthusiastically taking selfies in the hope that everyone has a chance to become the one and only, and drivers happy to concede the lane and pass on the turns.

What is it? A well-planned action, the creative spiritual impulse of the young man or the gift of precious time, probably will become clear soon.

Well, as long as: dreams come true – a Prince on a white horse exists, and it’s still free! Special features: the ruggedly handsome, charming, generous with compliments, is delighted at the Grand entrance, to meet them in the Central streets and parks of Moscow, as he himself says, “from sunrise to sunset.”

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