Hollywood pimp has published a list of VIP clients, which include Depp, Tires, cage

Голливудская сутенерша опубликовала список VIP-клиентов, среди которых есть Депп, Шин, Кейдж

Tom hardy, apparently, rightly so, when every few months, changing the phone (and not only the number but also the unit itself). Thanks for such caution and prudence hardy unlikely to be in the new infamous list of celebrities, which was recently published online.

In the expanse of the “global web” got a list of celebrities that belonged to a certain Heidi Flies. Interest to the list due to the fact that Fliess – renowned professional in Hollywood, a pimp, which repeatedly used the same celebrity.

In particular, in the list you can see the names johnny Depp, Nicholas cage, Jack Nicholson and Charlie sheen (though Shin admitted that he led a violent sexual life, and has repeatedly paid for access). Also, star actors, the list was Director George Lucas,musicians Billy idol and Mick Jagger, the Arab Sheikh Sultan bin Abdelaziz and the racer “Formulas-1” Mario Andretti.

Girls from Heidi served VIP clients, fulfilling all their whims, at the same time was for the pleasure a lot of money.

According to the insider, who told the tabloid about the list, one night with the girl working at Heidi,is from one thousand dollars to three million!

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