The DNA test showed that the son Kalashnikova not from Chaliapin

ДНК-тест показал, что сын Калашниковой не от Шаляпина

Wedding singer and his fiancee-actress on the verge of collapse.

Pathetic rehearsal, best Banquet hall and an orchestra! The wedding of Prokhor Chaliapin and Anna Kalashnikova was intended to serve such that long would have said… Yes, and the budget for the celebration was planned a very “modest” 10 million. Yes what there! Luxurious.

But at the last moment the ceremony was on the verge of collapse. But around a couple of great scandal. On shootings of the program “Let them talk” became known the results of the DNA test Prokhor Shalyapin on fatherhood. It suddenly became clear that Anna’s child… Daniel is not your son Prokhor.

I must say, the singer’s earlier qualms. Like, if he was the father. So, apparently, the artist and didn’t pass the test… But the same thing to see clearly not expecting!

“On the one hand, I have some feelings for Anna. But I don’t want to marry a woman who lied to me! Please give me some time so I could comprehend everything that happened!” he said to the public.

We will remind, the child Kalashnikova was born a little over a year ago. According to the lawyer Prokhor Maya Sandler, Anna then refused to Prokhor took her from the hospital, referring to the fact that it is not in the best shape. This is a very guarded close to the singer. Moreover, in the birth certificate the boy is in the “middle name” is the name of the Pope Kalashnikova.

Then who is the real father of Danila, we can only guess… Because Anna uncover the truth clearly does not intend. And believes the DNA test obvious fake.

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