Режиссер «Ликвидации» стал дедом в третий раз
Directed by Sergei Ursulyak was born third grandchild.

Sergei Ursulyak and younger daughter Daria

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Director Sergei Ursulyak, who directed such popular TV shows as “Liquidation” and “Isaev”, “Life and fate”, recently in the third time became a grandfather. His youngest daughter, Daria, the actress of theatre “the Satyricon”, gave birth to a daughter who was named Uliana. Daria’s husband is also an actor, Konstantin Beloshapka.

The viewer remembered Daria Ursulyak on the role of Natalia Melikhova, which she played in the TV series “the Quiet don” with his father. Dasha’s mother — actress Lika Nifontova (her most popular role — beloved David Gotsman in the series “Liquidation”).

Sergei Ursulyak also has two granddaughters from her daughter Alexandra, the lead actress of the theater.Pushkin. She gave birth to them in wedlock with actor Alexander Golubev.