Авраам Руссо боится возвращаться в Россию The actor could not forget the attempt which was made to him. Abraham Rousseau became a hero of the program “invisible Man” on TV channel TV-3. Experts show magician, fortune-teller, palmist, CSI and others were quick to reveal a few unknown facts about the musician’s life.

      Авраам Руссо боится возвращаться в Россию

      For a long time experts of the acclaimed show “the invisible Man” on TV channel TV-3 reveal interesting facts about the life of celebrities who become heroes releases. During the program, a fortune teller, a magician, a shaman, a criminologist and a psychologist trying to figure out what shocks them the heroes had to worry about any secret fears, they are silent. At this time a guest of the project was Abraham Russo. When the artist was in the chair “invisible Man,” the experts, one after another began to share very interesting facts about him. It should be noted that they do not have the opportunity of seeing, talking about and share only that information that is able to receive thanks to its professional skills.

      On the set of the show “the invisible Man” the story emerged a decade ago, when singer Avraam Russo was assassinated. Shaman Cousteau) first drew attention to the fact that a lot of people have a grudge against the singer.

      “Our hero has been reborn. I feel that he was standing literally on the edge of the abyss. But he survived and very much revised in their lives.”
      Авраам Руссо боится возвращаться в Россию

      Another expert, palmist Boris Akimov read on the arm of the mysterious visitor that at age 36 he could die. “Yes, I was shot at, at close range near my house. I was in the car, along with the guard,” – says the singer. He was saved by a miracle – the bullet hit in the leg. After the assassination of Abraham Russo, who was then at the peak of popularity, went to America. But the investigation stalled, the customer never found. During the filming of the program for the first time the singer admitted that he did members of his inner circle, jealous and cruel, with which Rousseau worked at the time.

      The magician a novel Fad noticed that the artist for a long time can not get rid of feelings of fear, living with him for many years. “No, I’m not afraid!”, – agreed Russo. However, in Russia he’s not going to come back, despite the fact that occasionally works here. In America his family – wife Morel and two daughters, Emanuella and Ave Maria.

      That hides Avraam Russo, what is afraid to admit to himself, is why experts named it “chameleon” and for some reason, Evelina Bledans suspected him of hypocrisy, the audience finds out this Friday, September 9, at 19:00 on TV channel TV-3.