The daughter of Yulia Kuvarzina: “Mom says I’m a sissy”

Дочь Юлии Куварзиной: «Мама говорит, что я неженка» Lisa Aptovtsev said “StarHit” why parents don’t give her money. 9-year-old girl admitted that dreams of becoming a teacher. After that, she plans to follow in her mother’s footsteps and conquer the world of cinema.
Дочь Юлии Куварзиной: «Мама говорит, что я неженка»

C nine-year-old heir to the actress of the TV series “Voronin” and her nanny, we meet in the lobby of the Theater on Taganka, where Julia is about to come to the rehearsal. Mom’s late, and Lisa, in order not to waste time, he pulls out a portfolio of notes and begins to hum the song “my Dear capital”. At the sight of her passing by the smiling staff. The girl paused a moment to greet them. Finally the artist comes in and we go into her dressing room.

Lisa goes ahead. “Apparently, you come here a lot, know the road,” I say.

“Make up stories”

Probably, after watching mom and I want to be on stage?
Дочь Юлии Куварзиной: «Мама говорит, что я неженка»No, first I trained as a psychologist, then an actress. If formed, will be playing in cinema and theatre, not – going to help people.”The acting profession is difficult labor and unstable earnings. Therefore, besides the theatre, it is important to have a secondary education, not to worry, removed it or not. This is what I’m trying to inspire her daughter. “Voroniny” inheritance is not taken, so let Lisa get a profession of a psychologist. She’s got all the perfect qualities – emotionality, compassion, and the ability to establish contacts…”
Дочь Юлии Куварзиной: «Мама говорит, что я неженка»
What school subjects do you like most?
Дочь Юлии Куварзиной: «Мама говорит, что я неженка»Math. On this subject I am one of the best students. In the first class knew the multiplication table, feel good in mind. But Russian is not very much – there are so many rules… But in General, good learning for fours and fives. Threes are very rarely. But even if you get a bad grade, in my house, do not scold. Grandmother a little upset, and my mother on this occasion are not particularly worried, because he believes that evaluation is not important, more important than all knowledge.
Дочь Юлии Куварзиной: «Мама говорит, что я неженка»
And after school what do you do?
Дочь Юлии Куварзиной: «Мама говорит, что я неженка»Go to a music school write tales of the seven pieces composed. The first is about the Sun and the moon, who did not have children, but then a miracle happened, and they had daughter rainbow, and then the son Shine. The story relates how they were friends… Draw to the written illustration. I also like to do needlework – sew toys, weave bracelets.Review mom: “Daughter writes well, and her easy-going style. Says most often on serious topics raised in his stories even critical questions… I am in awe of her story “a Ghost” where she examines the topic of fear, advises on how to deal with them, how to stop lying… So the profession of a psychologist, I think Lisa is very suitable”.
Дочь Юлии Куварзиной: «Мама говорит, что я неженка»

“The Mayor Of Lisenburg”

With mother you love to do together?
Дочь Юлии Куварзиной: «Мама говорит, что я неженка»Go along to the exhibition, often in theater and cinema, circus. We even have a tradition – every year for a few days definitely go on trips to St. Petersburg. During the autumn vacation for the first time visited the Museum of contemporary art “Erarta”, was very interesting. Home play different Board games together developing a new profession in Leinburg is a city in my room, I’m the mayor. Still there are workshops, fairs where they sell their crafts. I pay bills, which made herself out of paper.
Дочь Юлии Куварзиной: «Мама говорит, что я неженка»
But the real money you do not give?
Дочь Юлии Куварзиной: «Мама говорит, что я неженка»I don’t need them. If you ask for something, they buy it. And without the parents shopping, do not go.—
Anything to forbid home?
Дочь Юлии Куварзиной: «Мама говорит, что я неженка»Mom doesn’t like it when bathing with toys. Recently played in the bathroom and broke a glass for toothbrushes. She was scared, because I could get hurt. Sometimes I take her mascara and lipstick.—
And what you resemble her mother?
Дочь Юлии Куварзиной: «Мама говорит, что я неженка»Character and smile. More kindness, sincerity.—
Help her with the housework?
Once washed the dishes with cold water, when I was four years, and then got sick. Now to the sink not suitable. I’m generally a sissy, mommy says, because blonde.Review mom: “what are you listening to her, she’s a rag in the hands of the only times in my life took. But I hope very much that when the lease will be 10 years old, it will be on their own to restore order in his room. And about the sissy is the truth. That soup is too hot, the pantyhose is uncomfortable… If you turn the shower water is the right temperature, will squeal so that the neighbors probably think I beat her with sticks”.