The daughter of Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci starred in her first advertising campaign

Дочь Венсана Касселя и Моники Беллуччи снялась в своей первой рекламной кампании

14-year-old daughter of Vincennes Kassel and Monica Bellucci — virgin — decided to follow in her footsteps and to cooperate with the company Dolce&Gabbana. The girl was spotted on the set of his first advertising campaign, which took place on the streets of the Italian Ravello.

Дочь Венсана Касселя и Моники Беллуччи снялась в своей первой рекламной кампании

On location shooting took place a new fragrance company. Advertising campaign promises to be the airy spring and warm. Virgin tried on a beautiful light white dress with lace, enjoying the aromas of flowers and walked along the picturesque streets of the city. By the way, arrived there 14-year-old girl is not alone, but together with my mom. She has managed to make beautiful photos and shared them on social networks.

Recall that in 2013, Monica Bellucci has parted ways with Vincent Cassel, which now often appears in the headlines thanks to the wedding with a young model. If an actor tells about his personal life and gives formal interview, Monica doesn’t particularly wish to dwell on what is happening in the relationship. For a long time the actress is Dating a man and Yes, she’s great!

No reason to dwell on the relations Monica did not. She gave an interview in connection with the release of the new season of “Ten percent” where it will find a “normal man”. The interview was published in the new issue of Paris Match. A journalist asked if that matches with his character in the series and did a “normal man”, to which she replied: “I already long time meet with a man. Don’t know whether it is normal. I about myself such cannot tell. He’s not from my world, he’s on another job, but he also has to travel a lot, like me. The rhythm of life allows him to understand me. I don’t want to mention his name, but I can say that he was very happy and satisfied with their choice.”

Earlier Bellucci admitted that despite the vast experience, still has problems in dealing with men.

Bellucci admitted that the life path that she’s been through, mistakes and disappointments that she had experienced, not going away when it comes to love and true feelings. Monica sure that we often step on the same rake regardless of what we age: “I Have the same problems with men, and 20 years. I can only say that still believe in love. The love of two people, love children, love to work. I still believe in love.”

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