The daughter of singer Danko learns to dive in the pool

Дочь певца Данко учится нырять в бассейне Musician rehabilitates a special child with a swim. Singer Danko continues to fight for the health of his youngest daughter Agatha. Baby visits the pool, where the girl engaged by a special technique.

      Дочь певца Данко учится нырять в бассейне

      April 19, youngest daughter of popular artist Alexander Fadeev, known under the pseudonym Danko, Agatha was two years old. All this time the singer and his wife Natalie are fighting for the life and health of the baby. The fact that the girl immediately after birth was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Agatha’s parents are doing everything to ensure that the condition of their daughter has improved.

      Singer Danko: “My daughter will forever be invalid

      Now, for example, baby attends the pool, where her system of hydrorehabilitation experienced specialists. This technique is known quite some time, it is based on training and innate swimming diving reflex of the child. It is so ancient physiological mechanisms that even very seriously ill children, they tend to persist. Training these reflexes give a powerful impetus to the development and recommended for kids suffering from cerebral palsy.

      In the microblog Danko have published a video in which little Agatha fearlessly dives into the deep and then emerges on the surface of the pool. “Agatha submariner”, – commented on the video featuring the daughter of Danko. Video story touched to tears. “Baby, God bless you! You will cope with everything! From all my heart wish you the best!” “Oh, I can’t bear to see poor mother’s heart! Agatic tolerate. Clever”, “Well, all Agusta may for pearls to dive” – leave comments to the video with the girl followers Danko.

      Video posted by Alexandr Danko (@sashadanko) 1 May 2016 1:37 PDT

      It is worth noting that the birth of a special child, changed singer, forcing him to reconsider his entire life. In an interview, Danko admitted that he had a choice, but he and his wife decided to fight to the end. Singer believes that we should accept everything as it is and not to panic. “After her birth my mind had been reset. I quit drinking, swearing, Smoking, though was addicted to cigarettes for 30 years, sometimes smoked several packs a day. Now I realize that if all this will shorten my life, then who will care about Agatha! I also realized that in this world we are only passing guests, which measured short period. There is no meaning to be a jerk, life is very short,” said the singer.

      Despite the fact that Danko shared his problem with the public, real tangible help he received. Only he and his family care about the health of girls. In fact, what happened, he blames the hospital where my daughter was born.

      Дочь певца Данко учится нырять в бассейне

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