Дочь Эдгарда Запашного одержала большую победу The girl won first place in the gymnastics competitions. The parents of the little Stasi proud of her and are convinced that their child has a great future. Baby is studying hard and understands what works on the result.

      Дочь Эдгарда Запашного одержала большую победу

      The trainer plans to make daughters Stephanie and Gloria stars of the circus and instills in them a love for their future profession. The first steps have already been taken Stesha won a great victory.

      “The oldest daughter took first place in city competitions on rhythmic gymnastics in her age category (five years), – has shared with “StarHit” Edgard. – For victory we with Olga, mom Stasi, bought her fur keychain on the bag that she wanted.”

      Stephanie walks in a suburban Junior school gymnastics from September 2016. Her younger sister, Gloria three-year deals there.

      “The girls practice 3-4 times a week, plus classes at the circus, piano, dancing, – told the “StarHit” the girls ‘ mother, Olga Denisova. – Achievements we encourage. Have Stasi, for example, an interesting desire. One day she asked the Potter’s wheel! And on New year we Edgar gave her a sewing machine. Still wanted a piano, but it is for a birthday.”
      Дочь Эдгарда Запашного одержала большую победу

      Recall from mom girls Edgard broke up a few years ago. Former lover has managed to maintain warm and friendly relations, to educate daughters along without any differences.

      “It was incredible love, said “StarHit” Zapashny. She realized that dangle on tour I life. Olya dropped everything and went with me. After some time we rented an apartment in Moscow, near the circus. It was good, but frankly, it’s my fault: before the birth Stasi began to perform incorrectly. There is no specific act, it’s a lot of reasons that led to separation. But for daughters and themselves Olya and retained friendly relations. We are mentally prepared that in the future we will have their families. My only requirement to Olin’s future husband, the man wasn’t trying to be a dad to my daughters. High, what it will be is uncle. If he’ll try to change it, I’ll break his everything.”