Victoria Beckham repaid to former friends for past wrongs

Виктория Бекхэм отплатила бывшим подругам за прошлые обиды
The wife of the famous footballer destroyed all the plans of the girls.

Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham who
complained last year that during the joint performances of her friend
in the group Spice Girls, her oppressed have found a way to get even. It
figured out how to make their plan to revive the band and go to concert
the tour is not feasible. This was reported online edition of

As admitted by Victoria in one
interview, at a time when she played in the girl group the Spice Girls, other girls
he treated her quite cruelly. For example, during concerts, they often
disconnected her microphone, and the voices of Beckham, no one heard. Victoria believes that
girls simply desperately jealous of her because she not only sang it great but
look “on all hundred”. Sense of style, thanks to which it became successful
clothing designer showed her when she was young. No wonder
she was nicknamed Posh Girl — so Chic

And now, when three former members — Jerry
Horner (nee Halliwell), Emma bunton
and Melanie brown — have agreed to
reunification, Vic figured out how to “veto” on their plan. For a start
she said that girls are not allowed to use the former name of the group
without the consent of all the former members of the team, and she never, under any
conditions them do not allow. Geri, Emma and Melanie had tried to save
his plan, changing the name of the group “Spice Girls” to “JEM” is using the first letters of their names. But they did not

The lawyer Beckham, on behalf of
my client made a statement: Victoria considers unacceptable the implementation of new
a group of old songs of “Peppercorns”. And in case of default of its requirements, Beckham
intends to file on their ex-girlfriend in court! Since then, the plan of Horner, bunton
and brown has lost all meaning. To play under a different name, but still to fulfill
anyone not previously known songs instead of greatest hits Spice Girls, they did not