The daughter of Alexei Petrenko went to extreme measures for the sake of inheritance

Дочь Алексея Петренко пошла на крайние меры ради наследства
Pauline intends to posthumously recognize the father mentally ill.

Alexei Petrenko with Azimi Abdumuminov


The scandal that unfolded after the death of Alexei Petrenko, was continued. It is reported with reference to the story of the third wife of actor Azimi Abdumuminov, his daughter Pauline requires posthumously to recognize his father as mentally ill. This requirement is due to the fact that shortly before his death, the actor rewrote all his property at the last wife and her daughter Melania, which is recognized for its. But Pauline is left without an inheritance. The eldest daughter Petrenko intends to seek justice in court. In 2011, a year after her marriage to Asimow, actor canceled the written will, and suburban house in Balashikha, and the apartment is on Nikitsky Boulevard in the deed of gift was rewritten for a new wife. In addition, after the death of Petrenko left a Bank account with a large sum of money and a house in the Tver region.

The court took into consideration the claim of Pauline on the recognition of Petrenko mentally ill. According to Azimi, Polina started this trial in order to receive the coveted inheritance. However, the daughter Petrenko did not communicate with his father about 40 years. After the divorce of actor with her mother Alla communication Paulina’s famous dad came to an abrupt end. Azim is terrified by the fact that the daughter is trying to tarnish the memory of Petrenko.

“I considered it beneath my dignity to go on talk shows and argue with Pauline fanning the scandal. I know that Mr Gordeyev was against any public discussion. He didn’t want to chat with Pauline, they have many years there was no understanding. I would have said nothing further, but now Polina requires the court to recognize the father as incapable! Decided healthy person, a brilliant artist to declare mentally ill! — said Azim — I was sure that nobody would react seriously to such charges. But the court accepted her application to review and put a lien on the property. I was told that in Moscow a well-established pattern: a healthy man posthumously via a court may admit mentally ill, to take away the inheritance. But Alexei Gordeyev to the last days was shooting tour, he was always in sight!”