The daughter of Alec Baldwin disgraced the party

Дочка Алека Болдуина опозорилась на вечеринке
Ireland Baldwin showed everything I could.

Дочка Алека Болдуина опозорилась на вечеринке

Alec Baldwin with daughter Ireland


party thrown a few days ago in Los Angeles famous designer
Jimmy Chu, was shocked by the behavior of the 21-year-old model, daughter of actor Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger.
Coming to the party with her cousin Haley, also labored in the model
sector, Ireland is clearly not calculated the force and “too much” alcohol. So by the end of the event, the girl barely stood on his feet and… no longer cope with his outfit
giving guests the opportunity to admire some parts of the body, which are usually made

Ireland appeared
rave in a risky outfit, ultrashort shorts and jacket
deepest neckline, which did not wear underwear. And if
the early evening it looked more or less decent, as drinking cocktails girl lost control of himself, his chest more and more as she ate. And
the exit of the club where the party took place, with Ireland and all the confusion happened.
Breasts barely “popped” completely out of the neckline.

However, it is
it was not the only problem. During high Jinks girl lost shoes appeared on the sidewalk in front of the club barefoot.
Besides, she’s so bad was staggering, with no end stumble and a couple
times almost collapsed on the pavement. Then dropped your mobile phone
which tried unsuccessfully to call a taxi and sharply bent forward, showed
their “sirloin”… it’s Good that one of the friends Ms. Baldwin called
for her the car and with difficulty dragged Ireland
hand in “auto”… What are your thoughts on this episode, Alec Baldwin and going
if he can tell off my eldest daughter for the “show” is not yet known.

Ireland Baldwin