Проклятие «ДОМа-2»: самоубийства, рак и зависимости звезд проекта Fans of the show struck by the frequent news of deaths of participants “Houses-2”. Some of the stars of the project just couldn’t cope with the blame on their popularity, but others did had to grapple with serious diseases – remember the most vivid of them.
Проклятие «ДОМа-2»: самоубийства, рак и зависимости звезд проекта

The project “DOM-2” followed by an evil fate? At least sure fans of the show. Indeed, in recent years the criminal chronicle is literally replete with names of former stars of the reality show. Some do not stand the test of popularity, while others go for fame and a beautiful life for too many sacrifices.

“StarHit” decided to recall the most tragic and shocking story of the death of the project participants.


Проклятие «ДОМа-2»: самоубийства, рак и зависимости звезд проекта

Bright and ever smiling girl, capable of unexpected antics – such Maria Natalia Politov remember fans of “House-2” back in 2006. Model tried three times to conquer telestroke, but each time she was accompanied by failure.

Desperate to find the love in front of the cameras, Maria finally left the project in June 2010.

In the end, fate smiled at her outside of the Clearing – Politova was able to find happiness next to Artem by Shnurovym. The chosen girl cared about her in spite of her deteriorating health. Bipolar disorder, long ago diagnosed with Maria progressed, and the star of “House-2” has suffered from prolonged depression.

In the end, 4 Dec Politova left home missing. This was reported by her beloved Tom, noting that the girl took medicines. The man did not hide the fact that Mary has tried several times to commit suicide, so the predictions he was the worst.

Became known the final cause of death of Maria Natalia Politov

“Mary has bipolar disorder with depressive moments. She drank antidepressants. All the pills from the house disappeared. The worst thing is that one day, before meeting with me, Masha, in a conversation with a friend described this version of events: she takes the drugs and leaves somewhere in the woods,” admitted the anxious groom Natalia Politov.
Проклятие «ДОМа-2»: самоубийства, рак и зависимости звезд проекта

The long search had not brought results, and Shnurov increasingly complained about the police inaction. In the end, Maria’s body was found on 13 December a country house, located in Shchelkovo area of Moscow region. According to the official conclusion of experts, the radiant star of “House-2” died as a result of poisoning by tablets belonging to the group of antidepressants.

However, this tragic story associated with the name of Natalia Politov, is not over. A few months later, Artem Shnurov told fans of “House-2” that Mary’s relatives blamed him for the death of the girl.

“The machine mother, she’s a doctor, like all the rest of the family, in a very ugly form accused me that I killed her. Because I “should have known that she needed to be hospitalized”. Masha’s mother initially refused to meet with me and not told me about several life-threatening diagnoses that Masha didn’t want me to,” complained Tom.

Fans of the TV show are confident that the initially vulnerable Politova just could not stand the test of fame. Becoming one of the most colorful member “House-2” the girl was unable to cope with their own mental problems, so the only way out she saw was suicide.


Проклятие «ДОМа-2»: самоубийства, рак и зависимости звезд проекта

An attractive brunette appeared on the project at the end of September 2013. Anastasia immediately tried to build a relationship with Andrei Cherkasov and Nikita Kuznetsovym, but then the flirting thing is not gone. After several failures and conflicts with other stars “House-2” Tarasyuk left for the perimeter.

In total, she stayed on the project for about a month, which was not enough to be remembered by the audience. Fans of the show pretty quickly forgot Anastasia, but at the end of June 2018, her name has thundered all over the country. The fact that the 24-year-old girl died after falling from the 19th floor of the elite new buildings of Moscow.

Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Anastasiya Tarasyuk died after falling out the window

Body Tarasyuk was disfigured, but she still was able to identify relatives and was soon up unpleasant details from the biography of the girl. As it turned out, Anastasia dreamed of a beautiful life, and for this purpose went to the escort. This “StarHit” said Tarasyuk ex-boyfriend.

Ex-boyfriend of the stars “House-2” Tarasyuk: “Nastya worked as an escort”

“After she developed depression. Nastya did not know what to do, whom to work. She hoped he arrived in Moscow, and it will be a life of luxury. Two and a half months we were Dating, she lived in my apartment. Then worked as a model, like a model. Nasty escorts worked actually. Roughly speaking, a prostitute. Because of this, I broke up with her. She flew in the countries, slept for money. Nasty long did drugs, sedatives, and loved to smoke pot, but I’m against all this” – said Tarasyuk ex-boyfriend albert Rubbers.
Проклятие «ДОМа-2»: самоубийства, рак и зависимости звезд проекта

The deceased was on the second month of pregnancy. Close sure: she was led to the fatal step. Among the suspects is a married police officer who is now serving his sentence in prison for bribery. With star man met in one of capital restaurants. But despite the whirlwind romance, not in a hurry to leave the family. Recently he was arrested around the same time, Tarasiuk found out about the pregnancy, the interruption of which insisted chosen.

The deceased star of “House-2” Anastasiya Tarasyuk was pregnant

Feeling his guilt in the incident, the man from jail paid for the funeral of the legendary Troekurov cemetery and the coffin in the amount of 200 thousand rubles.


Проклятие «ДОМа-2»: самоубийства, рак и зависимости звезд проекта

Just a few days ago, like thunder from a clear sky, came the news of the tragic death of 20-year-old Polina Lobanova. Girl with bright appearance managed to remember the audience, and this despite the fact that in the Meadow she spent only two months in the fall of 2017.

The body of Pauline was found in the apartment of a certain Ivan, with whom she the night of the tragedy had fun at the club. Almost immediately there were versions of suicide and overdose, because next to the brunette found the blister packs from the pills.

Body of ex-member “House-2” found in the bathroom

According to others, she died from acute heart failure, and the ambulance did not have time to save the girl.

On the death of Lobanov said her older sister, Vasilisa. Cousin for many years was replaced by Polina parents, so she was able to tell about the incident.

“Yes, she was drugged, probably. Soon to be the expertise, but yet they say overdose. She was in my apartment, I don’t know this man. We have no parents, I was brought up. She moved out from me, wanted adult life. I the police called” – said Vasilisa.
Проклятие «ДОМа-2»: самоубийства, рак и зависимости звезд проекта

Soon, another ex-member “House-2” Dmitry Talibov found out that Pauline really had fun in the club with my girlfriend and some guy. She became ill, and so the knight brought the girl to him. In the morning he found the lifeless body, then immediately called the police.

Now investigating the mysterious tragedy involved law enforcement officers. The tragedy came as a shock not only for fans of the project, but for the stars “House-2”. My condolences to the families expressed Maria Kohno, Lisa Triantafilidis, Sergey and Dmitry Zacharias Talibov, which Pauline had knitted short-lived relationship.

According to fans, Lobanova just couldn’t deal with the fading glory. Throwing himself into the maelstrom of bad habits and a truly adult life, she never managed to get to the surface.


Проклятие «ДОМа-2»: самоубийства, рак и зависимости звезд проекта

23-year-old Andrew Cadets appeared on “Dom-2” in 2010, and immediately attracted the attention of several girls. That’s just building a serious relationship with at least one of them was impossible: it turned out that the perimeter of a young man has a wife and child.

Leading several times wound up with Andrew talking about the need of divorce and in the end, after six months of being on the “House-2” he decided to leave and solve all family problems.

It is possible that the Cadets would return to the project after the official divorce, but on 23 December 2010, he was brutally murdered in his own yard when he went for a walk with the dog. The man put 11 knife wounds, and he eventually died on the spot.

Проклятие «ДОМа-2»: самоубийства, рак и зависимости звезд проекта

The investigation of this terrible case was delayed for several months. First, the friends of the deceased thought that he was the victim of crazy fans. According to buddy Kadetova, it is often called a mysterious stranger who threatened Alexander with violence.

Also involvement in the tragedy was suspected and Kadetova wife, with whom he had to divorce any day now. Supposedly ex-fiancee stars “House-2” did not want to terminate the relationship.

Later it turned out that the matter may be involved in a kind of Alexander. In about a month and a half before his death, Andrew and his friend Alexey Sidorov met a girl at a stop of public transport. She agreed to perform with the buddies night, but the next day she filed a rape charge.

Andrew tried to settle the case amicably, the victim even agreed to accept the money. However, for effect, she asked an ex-boyfriend named Yuri, man to man, to talk with the star of “House-2”. How it ended is well known to fans of the project.

The investigation failed to establish the guilt of the jury, but in may 2012 it was overtaken by punishment: the murderer was sentenced to 11 years.


Проклятие «ДОМа-2»: самоубийства, рак и зависимости звезд проекта

Svetlana Ustinenko is remembered by many fans of “House-2” that is constantly involved in conflicts with Olga Mikhailovna Golosovoy. Trying to help daughter Eliane to keep the family together, the woman sometimes only created additional grounds for conflict.

However, the perimeter star thelebanese was not seen in the scandals, and serious bad habits, unlike some other characters on our list, had not. Svetlana Ustinenko died on a far more prosaic reason — it caught a cancer. About the fact that women have a rapidly developing brain tumor, the whole country found out in September of 2014. The next two years mother Aliani Golosovoy fought with a disappointing diagnosis.

Relatives did not give up, again and again finding funds for the treatment of Svetlana Ustinenko. Despite their efforts, the disease progressed, and October 14, 2016 at the age of 48 years, the woman died. First reported her daughter Aliana.

Svetlana Ustinenko died after a long illness

“Today, your heart stopped, but you’ll be forever in our hearts and souls my bright, tender, kind, sincere mom. Mom, do you hear, you make me sick. I love you more than life, I love you like no other. I’m always here, I feel you,” wrote Aliana a few hours after the death of his mother.

Now she often reminisces about her mother. She dedicates her poems and posts on Instagram impregnated with a sad poignancy. Fans by all means support Aliano, which sometimes is lacking parental care.

Aliana Gobozova comes after the death of his mother

So why is the media increasingly there are news about the death of stars known Celestron? According to fans, the conclusion is simple: pass the audition and get on the “HOUSE-2” is not so difficult. But the show is not 100% in life. Often hoping for a sudden fallen fortune, the project members break down under the weight of life’s circumstances.