Создателя «Жди меня» Сергея Кушнерева экстренно госпитализировали Journalists report that a well-known producer and journalist unconscious. According to the information of the correspondents, the man got to a medical facility with a heart attack. It is argued that at the moment Sergey Kushnerev is in the intensive care unit.

      Создателя «Жди меня» Сергея Кушнерева экстренно госпитализировали

      Today in mass media there was information that the 54-year-old journalist, producer and Creator of the programs “Wait for me” and “the Last hero” Sergey Kushnarev was urgently hospitalized. According to reports appearing in the press, the man was taken to a medical facility in an unconscious state. According to correspondents, Kushnereva was diagnosed with a serious disease.

      Information on the hospitalization of the well-known journalist confirmed his relative. A man named Alexander refused detailed comments about the health of a loved one.

      “Sergei Kushnarev is in hospital in serious condition. That’s all I can say,” shared relative Kushnereva.

      Sergey Kushnarev was born on 8 March 1962 in Moscow. He started his career in the edition of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, where he worked as an Intern and then a reporter and head of the Department students. Kushnerev also worked in the “New daily newspaper” and “Moscow news”.

      In 1994, the able journalist invited to the program “Vzglyad”. Two years later Sergey became the chief editor of TV company “VIEW”. On the set of transmission Kushnerev got acquainted with Sergey Bodrov Jr., which later launched the show “the Last hero” in a short time has become one of the most popular on Russian TV.

      Among the awards Kushnereva you can find some taffy, the medal “For labour valour”, Order of Friendship, badge of honor of MIA of the Russian Federation and the prize of Union of journalists of Moscow. My life motto man considers a quote from a poem by Ivan Bunin “the Covenant Saadi”, “Be generous, like the palm-tree, and if you can’t, be like the trunk of a cypress — direct and simple, noble”.

      Well-known producer was a close friend of Sergei Bodrov Jr., who was tragically killed in September 2002 when the glacier in the Karmadon gorge. Kushnerev is the godfather of the heirs of the Director and actor. In the documentary, dedicated to the deceased star, the journalist spoke about how grown his children. “Sasha is the same box as him. He likes to hide, to compartmentalize. His things do not touch. And Olga, for all its outward simplicity, this is a very deep girl. As Sergei said: “Look as she watches your eyes”. Each of them in its own way like” – shared man.

      Godfather of the children of Sergei Bodrov: “Each of them differently like”

      At the moment Kushnerev is in the intensive care unit. Correspondents Life.ru report that the doctors are doing everything possible to save his life.