Khabarovsk rivederci sorry about the perfect murder

Хабаровские живодерки сожалеют о совершенных убийствах Girl, cruelly treated dogs and cats, pleaded guilty. According to some publications, Teens repent for atrocities. Recall that two minor supernumerary case dealt with animals the most bloodthirsty methods.

    Хабаровские живодерки сожалеют о совершенных убийствах

    Two students from Khabarovsk Alina Orlova and Aliona Savchenko, accused in the brutal torture and killings of cats and dogs admitted his guilt and repented. This information was reported in several media, citing the Prosecutor of Department General Prosecutor’s office of Russia in far East Federal district Igor Ostryanina. As the representative bodies, the examination shows that girls do not suffer and have not previously suffered from any mental disorder.

    “The actions of both figurants of business about cruel treatment of animals there are signs of sadistic methods, cruelty and aggression. They fully realized the actual nature and social danger of what is happening,” explained Ostrainyn.

    The Prosecutor added that the court should address the question of the measure of restraint for figurants of business. Currently, the girls are in custody and the period of detention was extended until 19 March.

    We will remind, criminal case students are called Khabarovsk guaderrama considered in court. Girls accused under several articles of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation, among them cruelty to animals, robbery and insulting the feelings of believers and inciting hatred or enmity.

    The investigation, two juveniles supernumerary case in the summer of 2016 abused animals and killed them. All their atrocities girls have made in an abandoned hospital in the city of Khabarovsk and its surroundings. According to some, at the hands of ipoderac Gib cats, dogs and birds. A friend of ipoderac from Khabarovsk has shared details of their crimes

    The story received wide resonance in the society. In several cities of Russia was conducted pickets and rallies in which the participants insisted on toughening of punishment for students. In turn, the Network has launched a protest action, demanding a fair trial.

    In ether one of the programs has a girlfriend, Alena. The girl said that her friend did not seem any aggressive or inappropriate. “She was kind to me. If someone said something against me, she was always in trouble and defended me. Never saw cruelty, when she communicated,” said a friend of the accused girls.