Дети Майкла Джексона рискуют остаться без средств к существованию
Two sons and daughter of pop-idol — millionaires on paper only.

Дети Майкла Джексона рискуют остаться без средств к существованию

Michael Jackson


Until recently it was believed that even if all three are the offspring of Michael Jackson will lead the most luxurious life, multi-million dollar inheritance the singer enough of themselves, their children and even grandchildren. But actually, it turned out that 19-year-old Prince, 17-year-old Paris and 14-year-old Blanket is not so rich.

As reported by the tax office, 900-million legacy left by Jackson for his children, will be taxed at least at 555 million pounds. Moreover, the statement indicated that this amount can increase further. Besides, after the death of the singer who died from an overdose of sleeping pills, is not less than 300 million pounds of unpaid debts. Thus, according to the will of the singer, all the money invested in a trust Fund and none of his children have had access to them until you reach 30 years.

Moreover, it is not entirely clear whether these funds are badly managed or dishonest, or all of the loss is the result of objective reasons, but most of the assets of the singer, brings revenues that are already sold out. For example, recently the Trustees of the Fund decided to part with the stake in Sony/ATVMusic. They were sold for 750 million, and now with this amount you need to pay 100 million in taxes. Even the fabulous estate Neverland, which had once so loved Jackson for sale. However, the buyer who wants to buy it, still never found.

Besides, we will remind that recently it became known about the loss of another valuable property of Michael. Valuable relic is “Oscar”, which once was received for the legendary film “gone with the wind” in 1940-m to year, and in 1999 acquired Jackson on the auction mysteriously disappeared. As stated by the Trustees, they have no idea what happened to this thing. Meanwhile, the statue is estimated as at least 1, to $ 54 million.
So considering all losses, the payment of taxes and debts by the time when the children of Michael will come into the rights of heirs, from multimillion state can do nothing to stay…

The children of Michael Jackson: Prince Michael Joseph, Paris Michael Katherine and Prince Michael II

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