Снимок Бритни Спирс в бикини поднял волну критики
Pop singer gave a new reason for discussion of its shape.

Снимок Бритни Спирс в бикини поднял волну критики

Britney Spears

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Around picture Britney Spears captured poolside in a tiny bikini, scandal inflames. Looks like the pop star decided to fool the fans: apparently, the photo in the swimsuit has undergone a rather big processing in photoshop.

Of course, personal trainer Spears — Tony Martinez, who recently resumed the singer, knows his job. Tiring workouts and a balanced diet brought results: Britney actually managed to become more slender. As proof of their achievements, the singer posted photos on her personal blog. But the last image shared by 34-year-old star with your
the subscribers raised a wave of criticism from fans. The figure of Britney in the photo too does not coincide with frames that manage to make the paparazzi during the appearance of the pop singer on the streets of the city. The star is clearly much exaggerated their achievements in terms of slimness.

Fans of Spears are convinced that this time she just used the photoshop, not the best way. The waist of the singer in the photo looks unnaturally thin. Moreover, the color of
pool water is noticeably different in shade from the proposed site of retouching in the photo.

However, the very Britney
accusations of cheating yet to respond. Now she is busy preparing for
his big return to stardom. Soon she had the show premiered in Las Vegas and start filming a new reality show with her participation. By the way,
critics believe that this time the Spears will be able to re-obtain the status of an icon.

Britney Spears

Photo: @britneyspears (Instagram Britney Spears)

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