Родной брат Уитни Хьюстон сел за руль под воздействием наркотиков

Only eleven days have passed after the fifth anniversary of the death of American singer Whitney Houston, her brother Gary was detained by the police for driving in a condition of narcotic openine, and that he may repeat the fate of his famous relative, man, it seems, is not worried.
The video that leaked, it is clear that 59-year-old Gary is very far from that of a basketball player athlete that he once was. As Whitney, and her deceased daughter, Mr. Houston was abusing drugs and it is quite possible that his life will end so stupid and all of a sudden.

“That’s quite a family! Everyone’s on drugs” — gossip on the Network.
According to witnesses, Gary was just insane, when he was stopped, and that no one suffered from his drive – a real miracle. Probably, the man not too far away from the dealer.
“Not far from here lives a man who sells all that is necessary such “junkies” like Gary. It has analgesic, cocaine, heroin, weed.. Gary bought heroin. I’ve seen it here many times before and am sure will see many more times” — said the insider.
Gary is married to Pat Houston, close friend of Whitney’s, which also was her Manager. The man is already several decades will not remove your dependencies. In 1996, he was arrested after his car was found drugs.
In 2007 he was diagnosed with cancer. Doctors gave him only two years of life, but after serious treatment entered remission. However, in 2012, the disease returned again. Most of all for the life of the son is afraid of his mother cissie. She’s already lost her daughter and granddaughter because of the drug, and is afraid that her son could be next.