Kurt Russell disturbs their fans

Курт Рассел тревожит своих фанатов

Lips Kurt Russell alarming his fans. More specifically, education on the lips of Hollywood actor. Huge blood blisters strewn lower lip of the artist, and fans are calling it that would go to the doctor to deal with this problem.

The journalists RadarOnline took pictures of Kurt, taken by paparazzi, Dr. Stuart Fisher and Dr. Gabe Mirkin.
“I’ve never seen anything like it, but he must immediately be examined” Fischer said.
“His lips are going to need to see a specialist, have tests. Such formation can be the result of a serious infection,” says Fischer Mirkin. The doctors agreed that this kind of the lips of the actor may not be the result of any cosmetic procedures, but may be syndrome, Peutz-Jeghers, which is very closely linked to colon cancer. In short, Russell ought to urgently seek medical attention. Representative Kurt while n says the assumptions of journalists and their words of experts from medicine.