Британку осудили за прослушивание музыки  Эда Ширана

Music can not only bring joy, to help to relax or to lift your mood, but also harm the reputation. This happened with the woman from the British city of Sheffield, who is in love with the creativity of ed Sheeran.

Fan of Sony musician Bruce did not pursue the ed, had not snuck into his house, did not steal his things and did all the things that usually hold the fans-stalkers.

Sony just listened to the song Shape of Youon repeat so loudly that her neighbors could not stand this “pressure” Sheeran, went to the police.

It is noteworthy that Bruce was detained twice. In December 2016, Sony has already served six weeks imprisonment. Now the judge was more strict and gave the woman time to think about their behavior for as much as 8 weeks. “You should understand that you should behave as reasonable and responsible adult, and not to turn the lives of your neighbors in prison,” said Sonia judge.

Note that ed Sheeran isn’t the worst thing that could happen to a neighbors Sony. They should be grateful for the fact that Bruce is not a fan of heavy metal.

Earlier we told you that ed Sheeran has bought the Italian Villa, where it will grow grapes.