Невеста Виталия Гогунского примерила подвенечный наряд Very soon the star couple get married. Irina Marko and Vitaly Gogunsky’re getting ready for the Quinceanera celebration. The woman published a picture, where together with the friend chooses a dress and veil.

      At the end of last year, the star of the TV series “Univer” Vitaly Gogunsky again hooked up with model Irina. It was she who six years ago gave birth to the artist’s daughter Milan. After reuniting, the couple decided not only to officially legalize the relationship, but also to have a memorable party.

      The ceremony organised for colleagues Anna Khilkevich will be held this spring, so the beauty has already begun to worry about the outfit, which will hold the most important day. “Well, start preparing for it. The bride 2017. Bridesmaid supports” – wrote in the microblog, Marco.

      Anna Khilkevich will help Vitaly Gogunska to get married

      Text a young mother accompanied by a picture of the cabin, which tries a long veil. Apparently, the blonde wants to present itself in a classic wedding image. Subscribers appreciated the choice of the woman and gave her compliments. “You’re the most beautiful bride!”, “Pretty”, “Beautiful bride and when’s the wedding?”, “Gorgeous,” “You are very handsome, happiness to you!”.

      Earlier, Vitaly Gogunsky, admitted to “StarHit”, now that their Union forever. Also, the actor shared details of the upcoming holiday.

      “Spring is the best time for the happy event. We all know life and love are unpredictable. Now I have a feeling that Ira and I parted. The celebration will be arranged in Moscow for friends and loved ones. Family happy for us, especially my mother Tatiana. I was all the rules proposed. And soon going to apply to the Registrar”.

      By the way, the pictures from the registry office lovers posted in Instagram. The “official bride” – signed frame with her future husband model. The picture shows how happy they are to be together again. The singer really have a new appreciation for the relationship with the beloved. Now the pair is trying to hold together as much time as possible. But the home communication Gogunsky decided to go – took his beloved daughter with him on tour to Stary Oskol. Family in full force led the event and played in honor of the eighth of March.

      “And I’ll tell you, a debut not a debut work, and from the highest level! Ira’s role as a leading! Irina and another graduate of the Hollywood acting school, and the owner of magical voice! Now I understand where Milan have so much talent! So I can safely leave the scene!” – praised future wife Vitaly.