Физик-ядерщик выбрался из плена спустя три года Journalists report that in Alma-ATA was missing a few years ago a scientist Yury Samples. A resident of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok disappeared after went to meet with a friend from the Internet in 2014. Samples claims that he was kept in the barn, beaten and fed to cattle.

      Физик-ядерщик выбрался из плена спустя три года

      In Alma-ATA found missing a few years ago, 54-year-old Russian nuclear physicist Yuri Obraztsov, who was in Federal search. It is reported that the man will receive their papers on Thursday, March 16, and then back home to Novosibirsk. According to the journalists, he will arrive at a small home this Sunday.

      He Samples could not believe what happened. According to some reports, the man was sent to Tashkent via Alma-ATA. He was going to meet the man, whom she met on the Internet. However, in a taxi, the scientist took the documents, beaten and taken outside the city. Then physics was held in slavery on one of the Kazakhstan farms, where they bred horses. Besides him, there were other accidents which regularly raised your hand and were fed to cattle.

      It is argued that the physicist had tried to escape but was returned back. However, the last attempt of the scientist were successful: he managed to get to one of the shopping centers in Almaty. There’s something found him. The locals regretted the exhausted man who spent all day on the bench, and decided to help him. They posted a photo of Obraztsova in social networks and asked friends to distribute it on the Internet. After some time to search close to physics joined volunteers from Novosibirsk. Thanks to them, managed to find relatives of the unfortunate.

      “We drew attention to it on Monday evening. He lost, sat on one and the same place on the bench near the shopping center where my wife and I work. TTS is just on the forecourt. Just imagine people all day sitting in the street, sometimes comes in to warm up. We approached and asked, “What happened?” Turns out he escaped from captivity. I’m a former military pilot – started to see him: his ears are broken, the head is scarred from the lashes. He’s all beaten… was beaten so that he could not clearly say where he was tortured and who. Because what the hell he’s been through, he has amnesia…” – told reporters a local resident Alexander, who met Yuri after the escape.

      Kazakhstan gave shelter to the victim. Correspondents report that the scientist had broken the nose and ears and all his body covered with bruises. In addition, on the back of the victim can find traces of the lashes. According to media reports, Samples limping because his leg’s crushed. A scientist doesn’t recall exactly where he was. Due to problems with vision physicist sees the bad and moves to the touch. According to the man, his glasses smashed, the owners of the farm. It is also reported that Samples said slowly and complain of memory problems that emerged after the brutal slavery. “He asked me, “What year is it?” I was in shock,” shared Alexander.

      According to the man, the victim remembered the name of the former chief and your home address in Novosibirsk. Indifferent to the fate of the scientist people have found a phone colleague Yuri called him. “I asked: “have you had such subordinate Sample?” He said, “of Course!” – Alexander remembers. Then sheltered the man went to the police, the Consulate and the criminal investigation Department. And Samples for the first time in several years, talked to the brother immediately recognized his voice on the phone, according to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

      Case in Kazakhstan was interested in the Investigative Committee. Information about this posted on the official website of the Federal state authority. The press service of the UK reports on the audit, initiated after the publication in the media. It is also reported that Obraztsova will take readings on arrival in Novosibirsk.