Невеста принца Гарри станет экспонатом Музея мадам Тюссо
Meghan Markle will join his “new family”.

Невеста принца Гарри станет экспонатом Музея мадам Тюссо

Meghan Markle


As announced by the representative of the wax Museum, in his exposition soon
you see the image of the bride of the grandson of Queen Elizabeth — to Harry. The Figure Of Megan Markle
decorate a collection of statues of the new York branch of Madame Tussauds. Megan will join the company of his future family:
Markle wax sculpture will be installed near a picture of her fiance and close
from the Queen of Britain and brother Harry
Prince William and his wife Catherine.

Figure Megan will be here in early may, pending
wedding with Harry. We will remind, on her marriage with the Prince will be held may 19 in
The Windsor castle. Among the guests of the celebration, of course, will
Queen, and father Charles with his wife Camilla, and his brother and his wife. As stated in the beginning of the year Harry,
his family already consider Megan a member of his clan. Soon after the celebration
Christmas in a country manor Elizabeth, which is in the form of special
exceptions the Queen was invited Markle has not yet become the wife of her grandson, Harry
said: “She got along wonderfully with everyone. Now she has a family
never before was not!”

Preparations for the wedding of the Prince and Megan is in full
swing. Markle picked the designer of her wedding dress, though the style kept in the strictest confidence. Already sent out all the invitations
a formal Banquet which will be held in one of the best rooms in the castle — St. George’s Hall. But aside from those
will feast at the wedding table, the Prince was invited to the celebration another 2.5 thousand
people — Britons from across the country. They
will be able to admire the procession of open carriages, in which the bride and groom, and
members of his family will pass through the territory of the castle and the surrounding area after
wedding. “On this day I want to share my joy with everyone!” said

Madame Tussauds in new York