The bride of Prince Harry spoke about the meeting with Elizabeth II

Невеста принца Гарри рассказала о встрече с Елизаветой II The lovers, who are preparing for the ceremony, gave the first joint interview to one of British TV. Harry and Megan talked about the fateful first meeting, as well as the support of family and shared plans for the future.
Невеста принца Гарри рассказала о встрече с Елизаветой II

On Monday Prince Harry and an American actress Megan Markle announced their engagement. The lovers are about to get married in the spring of 2018. Yesterday, the pair took part in a photo shoot, and in the evening gave the first joint interview. Harry and Megan told reporters about his acquaintance, the reactions of loved ones to an important event and a unique design engagement rings.

According to the young people they met through a common friend, which they had decided not to call. Prince admitted to not watching the show “Force majeure”. Megan also didn’t know very much about Harry. When the heir to the British throne first saw Markle, she made an indelible impression on him. In July 2016, young people met several times, after which the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II invited a young woman in a five-day visit to Botswana. On the journey Harry and Megan wrote a tabloids.

“We were next to each other under the stars. Megan was my companion for five fantastic days,” – said the representative of the Royal family.
Невеста принца Гарри рассказала о встрече с Елизаветой II

Megan also talked about how Harry proposed to her. It was a real surprise for Markle. The Prince dropped to one knee at the moment when his girlfriend was cooking chicken at Nottingham cottage Kensington Palace. There are apartments Harry.

Невеста принца Гарри рассказала о встрече с Елизаветой II“It was a wonderful surprise. Very cute, natural and very romantic,” – shared the actress.

The Prince added that on that day Markle was very happy. “She didn’t even let me finish twice and asked: “Can I say Yes right now?” Then we rushed into each other’s arms”, – said representative of the Royal family.

For the half year, Megan and Harry were Dating, they tried not to leave more than two weeks. Of course, the Prince introduced his beloved Elizabeth II. Markle noted that the grandmother of her second half – “an incredible woman”. According to the actress, she met the Queen several times. Megan noted that all the relatives of the suitor accepted her very warmly.

“I saw her eyes Harry – not only with honor and dignity, as to commemorate the monarchs, but as grandmother whom he loved very much. All these layers were very important to me… After meeting her I became a fan of the dog breed Corgi,” – said the actress.

Speaking about the design of engagement rings in yellow gold, Harry admitted that he had developed it himself. The large stone in the center of the ornaments was mined in Botswana, and the small diamonds once belonged to Princess Diana. “This is in order to be sure – she is with us in our crazy journey,” explained the heir to the British throne. According to Megan, she’s incredibly sorry that not familiar with the mother of the chosen one.

“These days I especially miss my mom and want to share good news… But I’m sure, and so it is with us now, and that they and Meghan could be best friends,” added Harry.

After the wedding, the star of the series “Force majeure” will bear the title “her Royal Highness, Princess of Wales”. Meghan Markle has decided to end his acting career and plans to do charity work. “In my life opens a new Chapter,” she says.