Книга Ольги Бузовой может стоить ей 8 миллионов

Olga Buzova now actively engaged in the development of his career as a singer. The girl has already recorded two songs, and one of them even shot a video. It seems that for promotion to the stage, Olga has forgotten that not so long ago published a book called “the Price of happiness.” Despite the great hype around the name Buzova, especially in the context of her divorce with Dmitry Tarasov, the book sold out as hoped, Olga and her publishers.

Perhaps, for Olga no problems, but the company, which is engaged in the promotion of books, this is extremely unhappy and blames itself Buzova.

According to representatives of the company, Olga is not doing anything to about the book remembered it and wanted to buy. Due to the inactivity Buzova in this direction, the company intends to sue the star and to claim damages.

“In the framework of the arbitration procedure code was filed pre-trial claim is the individual entrepreneur Buzova Olga Igorevna, told the press the lawyer Alexei Stepanov. — The essence of the claim: please Olga Buzova advertising the book at least 1-2 times a week in social media — as spelled out in the contract. Buzova — a very specific subject: her personal life and its manufactured products are of interest only to its subscribers. Therefore, the calculation was made on the advertising of the book on instagram and her followers, which at first swept away the product. But when she stopped talking about the book, sales rose.”

If Olga fails to live up to the responsibilities and requirements spelled out in the contract, she threatens to pay compensation for damages in the amount of 8 million roubles,”the project was implemented at the expense of attracted investment money, he explained. Lenders are now requesting a refund and has filed a number of lawsuits. In the event of default claim we will submit the initial claim, which obliges Olga Igorevna to advertise the book, and the bailiffs will be twice a week to get her to give posts. If Olga again refuses to do so, will have to put her losses. In the worst case scenario we’ll do it by the end of 2017″.