«Холостяк» Илья Глинников рассказал об интимной близости на проекте The actor lifted the veil of secrecy on the new season of the popular reality show. According to Ilya Glinnikov, he almost fell on the set of the project. Despite the fact that the artist tried to act like a real man, the beauty and dignity of girls easily went to his head.

      In March, the screens will be released the long-awaited new season of the reality show “the Bachelor,” in which more than two dozen girls fighting for the heart of a famous person. This time their love on the project will be looking for the star of the show “Interns” Ilya Glinnikov. Recently the actor gave an interview in which you reveal some secrets of “the Bachelor,” and shared his relationship to the participants in the program.

      Mother of many children, model and blogger: who will compete for the heart of “the Bachelor” Ilya Glinnikov

      In recognition of Elijah Glinnikov he not watched previous seasons of the show, so the offer from the agent caught him by surprise. The actor has decided to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the format of the programme and included one of the series. However, according to Glinnikov, it is not enough for a long time. “In the tube stood a long “PIP”, – with these words, the artist described his emotions from view.

      The actor really took the time to offer agent and asked producers, what are the goals of the show. “The hope that we have in the country there are worthy women and men,” said they to the artist. Hearing this answer, Glinnikov decided to answer “Yes” to the offer to participate in the filming. However, Ilya has made adjustments to the format of the program. In recognition of the stars of “the Internship”, he wanted to move away from vulgarity. So, apparently, spectators will not see the “hot” moments in the new season.

      “Since the project has such a good purpose, I decided to try it. Just need to get away from all the kissing and other vulgar moments and deploy show in the side quest to turn “the Bachelor” in a more ideological show, with some overtones and the second plan”, – said the actor.

      However, Ilya Glinnikov frankly admitted that was struck by the beauty of participating in the project. According to the actor, the merits of the girls is very easy to lose your head. So Elijah warned his audience that sometimes can not control myself.

      “Man is one who thinks the head top, not the bottom. But when you are surrounded by 25 girls – I would have looked in this situation for all of you. I’m just” – said the artist.

      Recall that the premiere of the new season of the show “the Bachelor” will be held March 11 on TNT. The creators of the show are preparing the audience a lot of surprises. It is known that the shooting of the program took place in Sri Lanka and in Dubai, reports “Movie Mail.Ru”.