Участники группы «Город 312» обвенчались после 24 лет совместной жизни
Ordinance was attended by the daughter of Maria and Dmitry Pritula Olivia.

Maria and Dmitry Pritula with daughter Olivia and friends

Photo: Instagram

The band “Gorod 312” Dmitry and Maria Prytula
shared good news. The couple married after twenty years
joint life. I wonder what the holiday was dual — together with
musicians married their friends.

“We with Masha 24 years later, finally
married — shared Dim. A huge thank you to everyone who made this day unforgettable!”

The ceremony was attended by the daughter of the couple six year old
Olivia, with which loving parents are trying to leave as little as possible.
Of course, on tour, the child is not yet ready, but in Moscow the girl is often
the rehearsals and concerts of the “City”. As a joke it is even called “the daughter of the regiment”.

By the way, the keyboardist and guitarist are not the first who decides to
such an important ceremony like a wedding, not at the beginning of the relationship, and after
many years of marriage. For example, Mikhail Efremov and his wife Sofya Kruglikova
married at the 15th year of marriage. Preparing for a responsible step and
Sergei Zhukov, who lived with his wife Regina Burd ten years. Now the singer
and his wife prepare for the sacrament, to enter into Holy wedlock by all the rules,
which include three-day fasting, obligatory confession
the priest and the sacrament.