Шарлиз Терон рассказала о таинственном любовнике
The actress shared details of a new relationship.

Шарлиз Терон рассказала о таинственном любовнике

Charlize Theron


Gabriel Aubry


During his recent interview on TV show
Howard stern, Charlize Theron, usually avoiding the stories about his personal life,
suddenly open up. 41-year-old actress has admitted that recently
she began an affair with a certain well-known man whose name she
while the report did not want to. There is a possibility that we are talking about a former boyfriend of Halle berry, Gabriel Aubrey, with whom conversing, saw her a couple of weeks ago at the school where the student is the son of Theron.

“Our first date took place about
a month ago, and it was just awesome, incredible date. This guy
made me a very strong impression. Many other men whom I
knew before, desperately wanted to seem “cool”. But this guy really is a very bright person!” — said Charlize.

As told to the actress, their first date was
quite unusual. “Shortly after we met, he invited
me for a walk… midnight! And,you know,
it was just amazing. We walked almost 10 kilometers,
shone the full moon. And I wasn’t scared one bit, on the contrary, very
fun!” — admitted Theron. Since they saw each other again, and they
managed to avoid the gun cameras of the paparazzi due to the fact that they
avoided popular in Los Angeles and met at an unusual time.

However, as explained Theron, it will take
a lot of time before she dares to introduce it to their children. Actress
believes this is a very important step and should be the moment of meeting on
100% sure in your partner. As for the matrimonial plans, she
while they are not building even theoretically. “Official marriage is not for me special meaning. I want
me to have a partner that I could maintain long term
relationship. As it was, for example, with Stuart Townsend. I didn’t need
no ceremony, I feel his wife in his heart,”
says the actress, who parted ways with Townsend in 2010, after living with him
for almost 10 years. Recall that the last of the Romanov Charlize occurring prior to
recently — with Sean Penn —
completed in June 2015.