The baby name Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper confused fans

Имя ребенка Ирины Шейк и Брэдли Купера привело в недоумение фанатов
Became known the details of the delivery model.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper


that Irina Shayk, just two weeks ago secretly gave birth to her first child, became
known the day before, more detailed information about this event once only
begin to appear. So, correspondent of the Internet-site managed to know the sex of the baby:
Irina, about the pregnancy, which became known in November last year, gave birth to a baby girl. That is, Shayk failed to meet the expectations of the child’s father is Bradley Cooper, who
as reported, wanted to have a daughter. What
for the name that parents chose for the baby, question the parents
girls showed a fair amount of ingenuity – they called her Lea de Seine, which can be translated as “Blooming lawn in the manger.” Why Shake and
Cooper decided to link the name of his daughter with the name of the most famous river of France,
it is still unknown.

have managed to trace the first appearance of Irina in public — it could be photographed
Venice Beach (CA), where she looked at the local popular café morojenoe Jeni”s Ice Cream Shop. Irina dressed in a black jumper and jeans
same color, looked pretty good for a woman who gave birth to a very
recently. Really, her once perfectly flat model stomach is still not
totally back to the prenatal form.

As reported
the informant,
and Shake, and Cooper absolutely happy. They like to be parents, that they
already planning in the future to fill up my family, at least one
child. However, Irina never hid that wants to become a mother. “I
love your work, it is very important to me. But the most important thing for me in life
this is family, people I love. My parents are happy together for more than 20
and I also want to start their family…” — said a Shake in his
an interview gave last year. And complained that it is already a little “late” — after all, the favorite sister of Irina gave birth when she was only 22 years old, and the Shake already
managed to celebrate his 31st birthday.