The baby name Andrey Malakhov will choose the audience

Имя ребенка Андрея Малахова выберут зрители

At the end of last week, 45-year-old TV presenter Andrey Malakhov became the father, and the name of the toddler is asked to choose viewers. In honor of this joyous event, Malakhov took an entire episode of the TV show “live”. Choosing a name is passed in the form of voting in which the audience chose the best name.

In the new issue of show told me that his wife, Natalya Shkulev was discharged from Moscow’s clinical hospital “Lapino”, where she Nov 16, gave birth to a boy weighing 4.2 kg and 54 cm. In advance for the baby, prepared the nursery, which was furnished in a light blue tone. In the room are a crib, a changing table, a dresser and a bed for the nanny.

“I really like the names Nikolai, Dmitri, Alexander. Philip – this option proposed the idea too, sounds great! But I would have chosen another name,” says Natalia about the name of the baby.

Let’s remind, that about pregnancy of the wife Malakhov became known during the controversial withdrawal of the lead from the First channel, where he led the successful TV show “Let them talk”. As some sources, it was the pregnancy his wife was the discord between the Malakhov and the heads of the channel. One of the reasons called the return to the channel producer Natalia Nikonova. “We had one crazy live, where I sat for directing control. At some point, Andrew came to the agitation that he broke down my screams in the eye and shouted directly into the camera: “Stop it, Natasha!” and more hands put forward as if pushed me with my instructions. Well, in the Studio, there was a Creek and our bickering no one had noticed. In General, I admire the professionalism of Andrew. He directed the head feels, to whom it should go,” tells of the Malakhov Natalia in old interviews.
The producer has also announced plans to change the concept of the program and to focus on socio-political issues that did not suit the popular presenter. She has worked on channel 15, which, for fans, his departure came as a real shock.