Автоконцерн поплатится за смерть Антона Ельчина 5 миллионами долларов
Against manufacturers of cars filed the lawsuit.

Anton Yelchin

Photo: Splash News/East news

Though a young talented actor Anton Elchina dead for about a week,
the passions around the circumstances of his death continue to flare up. The fact is,
that, according to many experts, the cause of the incident that claimed the life of Anton
was not a technical malfunction of his car, and the typical defect
this model machines.

Moreover, supporters of this theory not limited only to talk against the group,
that made a Grand Jeep Cherokee,
Elicina killed, filed the lawsuit. About it reported the Internet-the edition eonline.com.
The initiators of the case were two men, who wished to remain unknown.
Announced that their interests are represented by law firm Hagens Berman Sobel Argo.

“One of the basic requirements for the safety of the car is an absolute reliability
a hand brake that allows you to keep the car moving smoothly
as much as is necessary to the owner. Manufacturers of these machines have broken it
a necessary requirement!” — said in a lawsuit. Incidentally, according to
the plaintiffs, according to their information, due to technical failure of the machine this
models in recent years killed more than 300 people!

Moreover, concern himself indirectly confirmed the existence of a Grand Jeep Cherokee constructive
defects, which in 2014-2015 was withdrawn more than a million cars.
And it was precisely about the defects in the system of the handbrake that is one of the
problems, from-for which Anton was crushed by his own car. However, the
the outcome of this case, and whether the prosecutors to prove their case, show

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