48-летняя Алика Смехова блеснула фигурой в купальнике
The actress has posted a bold picture in the microblog.

48-летняя Алика Смехова блеснула фигурой в купальнике

Alika Smekhova, who
now with his youngest son resting on the island of Crete, pleased their
fans cheerful in the swimsuit. 48-year-old actress does
not a complex about their figures, published a bold photo on blue sea background. As Alika admitted that she didn’t use photoshop to embellish
your dignity, because she is so proud of his beautiful figure. Fans
compared Smehova with Aphrodite just came out of the water.

“Incredible Alika! You are so beautiful
woman!” “Right body, the right age! I Admire You!”, “I would
to survive in this age, without fanaticism to the training and the diet!” —
commented on the subscribers. Alec spends a lot of time tanning under
the bright sun, while her 8-year-old son Makar happy splashing
a day in the water. By the way, recently Smekhova happened to be at the local
the festival, which strongly reminded the actress of festivities on the occasion of the day of Ivan

Meanwhile, shortly before the holiday Alik has managed to get a light tan, having been on the coast of the Black sea. For a few days, the actress flew to Sochi to participate in the 27th festival “Kinotavr”. In between Laughter I managed to visit Abkhazia to visit his friends, with whom she had not seen for many years. And then Alik shone on the stellar track “Kinotavr” in dazzling white designer outfit that looked on her tanned skin.

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