Автор сервиса «Цветы в аренду» скрывает свой бизнес от девушки Roman Zaripov shared with “StarHit” the history of the venture. The young man decided to help the women who are left without a gorgeous bouquet during the holidays. However, he does not want to devote a loved ones in such an undertaking.

      Автор сервиса «Цветы в аренду» скрывает свой бизнес от девушки

      “Dream the envy of the friends? Order bouquet of 101 roses for only one thousand rubles, and you will have 10 minutes for selfies and photos” – this ad in Instagram gave 23-year-old Muscovite Roman Zaripov fifth of March and after a moment received the first order.

      “I work as a marketer, says startups. – The last few years, seeing that the owners of shops selling flowers every March 8 enriched for the year ahead, thinking how they might play at the festival. This time I got the idea of renting bouquets. For the first order he left. Bought 101 rose six thousand and went to the address. I opened the girl looked very embarrassed, but after a reminder that it is time limited, quickly took himself in hand and was asked to make some photos with flowers”.

      Roman is glad that his service proved helpful to a large number of people. Despite the fact that the bouquet may be the client’s only ten minutes, the women enough time to take photos. Million scarlet roses: like a star-studded selfie became the occasion for high-profile business project

      “Only my company has served 250 clients – continues a young entrepreneur. – Among them were the star’s Instagram with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. To reveal their names out of considerations of ethics. In the Arsenal we have 15 bouquets. Was and corporate orders – employees of one firm took rose half an hour. This peaked on March 8 – the courier traveled 200 addresses. Unhappy there was only one lady – she thought we brought wilted flowers. Brought her a new bouquet.”
      Автор сервиса «Цветы в аренду» скрывает свой бизнес от девушки

      Despite the fact that it Zaripova has been quite profitable and popular, he tries not to dwell on his enterprise even buddies and loved ones. However, he is glad that thanks to its design can brighten the lives of women who left without gifts for the holidays.

      “Friends of your business I don’t. Girlfriend didn’t know either. Although after posting this they’ll probably all find out, – says Roman. I saw that my idea has “gone to mass”, was opened in other cities: St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Cheboksary… I do not mind. Himself to develop the rental of flowers, I do not plan to cope with Moscow’s orders.”