Rita Dakota revealed the truth about the fabulous wealth

Рита Дакота раскрыла правду о баснословном богатстве The girl said ill-wishers. Some social media users believe that Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky too travel a lot and spend at their whim large sums of money. Singer and composer hastened to dispel speculation envious.

      Singer and composer Rita Dakota loves to travel. Company the girl is her husband Vlad Sokolovsky. The lovers are regularly sharing on social networks frames made in other countries. So, this winter, the artists went to Bali. They stayed there for more than a month. However, as it turned out, not all users of social networks like colorful pictures that Rita and Vlad publish to Instagram.

      According to Dakota, some users of social networks write her an angry message. “All say about the same thing: “Oh well, of course you have money to f** chew… And we here at best once a year in Turkey.” Or even better: “here You have the urge to travel, what about responsibility, how to save for an apartment? And we do this year to change the plasma!”

      After reviewing the opinion of the subscribers, Rita Dakota was quick to respond to their comments. The singer and composer said that always knew how to find budget travel options abroad, and also knows how not to splurge while in another country.

      “Guys are you serious? That’s just not start about money! First, we are not innovative plasma 2017 release. And his apartment yet either… secondly, we always managed to find the “Vario” to go somewhere even when every last penny has been invested in our musical projects. I traveled last year all of Europe by hitchhiking, you know, with 200 dollars in his pocket and Fluff Fest with tents to drive, and Czech beer in the brewery at the tasting to get drunk for free in a wonderful hostel in Riga for 7 euros, the three of us to spend the night, and the freshest mussels on the market in Belgium, to eat with the wine at dinner. You know, like on the train from Minsk to reach the maximum proximity of Belarus to Lithuania, to Poland, and from there a penny bus,” shared Rita.

      According to Dakota, well you can always save, especially in this age of high technology. The girl thinks people are to blame for that not interested in different options and are not looking for data in the Network. “There are a million ways to spend three times less than in plasma, and two or even three of us to fly in cool travel on low-cost airlines, now on the Internet hundreds of proposals. All you interfered, interferes and will interfere with is the lack of desire to live as you want and some kind of absolute anger on those who live, unlike you,” said the artist.