Кастинг в SEREBRO: звезды «Дома-2», экс-солистки поп-групп и другие кандидаты The singer of “Brilliant”, ex-“Ranetka” Dance and singer of the hit “White ships” was applied. Maxim Fadeev holds urgent casting for the group SEREBRO in connection with the departure from the team of the singer Daria Casinoi.

      Кастинг в SEREBRO: звезды «Дома-2», экс-солистки поп-групп и другие кандидаты

      Personnel changes in the group SEREBRO was seriously alarmed fans of the popular female trio. After examination by the best specialists of the capital, Daria Shashina made the final decision to leave the team – the verdict of the doctor was disappointing. The 25-year-old blonde not so long ago he was diagnosed with “congenital dysplasia of the knee” and the pathology of tissue formation. Torn meniscus on his right knee had considerably worsened the condition of the singer, literally forcing her to leave the stage.

      The soloist of the group SEREBRO looking for a replacement

      Maxim Fadeev immediately declared urgent casting on the place of Casinoi. To join a group of girls from all over Russia will take “the interview” online. As it became known “Starite” in place of the blond Dashi pretend not only self-confident beauty, but also professional artists that are far from ignorant on the Russian stage. So, for example, to hit his vocal abilities of the famous 47-year-old producer has already tried the “dark” from the once popular group “Ranetki” – 23-year-old Dance Baidavletov, ex-soloist of “Brilliant” Natalia Asmolova, performer of the hit “White boat” Karina m; and the wife of one of their vocal group “Mayakovski”.

      It also became known that the intention to become a part of popular band said Kate Lee, sang earlier in the groups HI-FI and “Factory”. By the way, at the time, the girl took a break from the music team because of serious health problems. Apparently, the singer’s condition has greatly improved, she felt that she could return to work, part of which are touring, numerous performances and extended shooting.

      However, the producer centre of Maxim Fadeev does not relies on the media of the future singer. Requirements for potential team of soloists is quite simple: the age of the girl should be between 22 and 26 years weight up to 55 pounds. Perhaps the most interesting and unusual item for contestants and fans remains the growth of the singer, which should not exceed 164 inches. Well, of course, the future star must possess brilliant vocal and choreographic data. The name of the new participant Maxim Fadeev will be announced April 5.

      “In a minute receives about one application. The first day was 1800. It is now 3040, – told “StarHit” representatives PCMP. – There is a really talented contestants. Try out girls from many cities, of all ages and with different data – both the vocal and external. Even sent a couple of questionnaires from Sweden – the group there are incredibly many fans. Lots of people send in the questionnaire, knowing that the data are not suitable, but, as they say, hope dies last.”

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