Архиепископ Бостона о фильме "В центре внимания": "Это очень важный фильм"

Archbishop Of Boston Sean Patrick O’malley

Less than a week ago, the film directed by Thomas McCarthy “In the spotlight”(Spotlight) received the award “Oscar” in the nomination “the Best film of the year”. The picture, based on real events, tells about the investigation conducted by journalists of the newspaper The Boston Globe in 2001-2003, during which it was found that among the priests of the Archdiocese of Boston (and not only) are widespread cases of sexual abuse of underage parishioners. Reporters also learned that the former Archbishop of Boston Bernard law not only knew about the cases of pedophilia, but also helped the priests to hide their crimes and avoid punishment. After investigations carried out by journalists, Berard Lowe resigned in 2002.

This story caused a big scandal, and employees of The Boston Globe for its investigation have been awarded the Pulitzer prize. Now as Archbishop of Boston is Sean Patrick O’malley (2003), who decided to tell what he thinks about the painting “In the spotlight”, which tells the real and terrifying story of the crimes committed by priests.

“In the spotlight” is a very important movie that tells the tragedy of the clergy, which had been implicated in sexual violence. An investigation led the Church to acknowledge his sins and begin to solve existing problems. In our democratic society, journalism is important and affects our way of life. In this situation, the media helped to open the door through which the Church could help the victims.

The protection of children and assistance to victims and their families should be a priority for the Church always.

We are determined to ensure that such a tragedy with children never happens again. We are engaged in integrated programmes aimed at protecting children, their education, the mandatory inspection of the data, we also cooperate with the authorities. The Archdiocese consistently provides counseling and medical services for victims and their families who need our help. We seek forgiveness of those who became the victims of that terrible tragedy and sexual violence, and pray to the Lord that she sent us on the right path,

said Archbishop Sean Patrick O’malley.

Recall that the main role in the film “In the spotlight” performed by mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton and Rachel McAdams.

Архиепископ Бостона о фильме "В центре внимания": "Это очень важный фильм"
Still from the film “In the spotlight”

Архиепископ Бостона о фильме "В центре внимания": "Это очень важный фильм"

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